Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2020: Future Smartphones

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2020

Hello falshsaletricks, We are with an interesting topic of the Battle of future smartphones. In this, we are mainly focusing on two areas that are Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Vs Vivo APEX.

In this rapid world, Technologies are increasing like anything. a majority of smartphone makers spend both time and resources to develop concept smartphones. the main purpose of this article is to showcase the design aesthetics and features of future smartphones. Redmi Note 7

Design And Display of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2020:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and the recently unveiled Vivo APEX 2020 sport futuristic design ergonomics.

Xiaomi Mi Mix ALPHA

  • Xiaomi achieved this unheard screen-to-body ratio by wrapping the display of Mi Mix Alpha all the way around the phone.
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha features a 7.92 inches Flexible Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2088 x 2250 pixels.
  • The display of this concept smartphone has a screen-to-body ratio of roughly 180.8%.
  • A ceramic strip on the phone’s back houses all of the cameras.
  • The unfinished prototype of this smartphone reveals.

The Display for Exploring the Future Mi MIX Surround Display The body is surrounded by ONE display

  • We may wonder what the phone will look like in the future as we are surrounded by more extensive information.
  • Perhaps in the future, the entire mobile phone will look like a display.
  • The display of Mi MIX Alpha extends from front to back.
  • When the screen lights up, it’s like the universe- no end and no boundaries, but a stunningly futuristic feeling

The Front is Virtually all Taken Up by the Screen

  • The top and bottom bezels are just 2.15mm.* The side frame has gone, giving an even more sensational view.
  • Information on the front screen will no longer be crowded, allowing for pure interaction.

The Display Replaces the Side Frame

  • The display replaces the side frame, where phone status and information is displayed.
  • There are no physical buttons, but pressure-sensitive virtual side buttons, which allow for interaction.
  • The sides are pressure-sensitive and leverage a linear motor to simulate the touch of real buttons, allowing you to lock the screen, adjust volume, etc.

The Back is Covered by the Display

  • The most used applications are displayed as gadgets on the back display.
  • In the future, it will be able to perform real-time AI scene detection.
  • For example, at an airport, the back will automatically show your boarding pass.

A Camera for Exploring the Future 108MP!

  • These days all are preferring to buy a smartphone with Camera option
  • A “medium format camera” among smartphones.
  • Mainstream SLR cameras are still at the 10-20MP level.
  • Can you just imagine it? 108MP camera is now available in a smartphone.
  • In spite of being concept smartphones, both the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and the Vivo APEX 2020 are powered by flagship Snapdragon SoC that can easily be found on any modern-day flagship smartphone.
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is powered by last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor coupled with Adreno 640 GPU. This concept smartphone has 12GB of RAM and it packs 512GB of internal storage.
  • The triple camera setup on Mi Mix Alpha consists of a 108 MP primary sensor with f/1.7 aperture; a 12 MP, f/2.0 telephoto lens; and a 20 MP, f/2.2 ultrawide sensor.

The Phone With More Sensors Than Usual

With the built-in humidity and air quality sensors, it can tell you environmental information.

Innovative flexible screen layered compiling

Innovative layered lamination technology, breaking the limit of bending curved screen and revealing an incredible Surround Display.

Explore — Let the future contain more possibilities:

  • Mi MIX Alpha is a futuristic phone that shows the many avenues for Xiaomi to explore during the 5G era.

***Not all possibilities can be explored.***

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