WhatsApp Upcoming New Feature in 2022 Makes Profile Photos Visible on Notifications

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What Will be the first WhatsApp Update of 2022..?


WhatsApp is  the most popular messaging app in  worldwide with More than 2.5 billion active users. Previous Year[2021] WhatsApp introduced some new features like as voice calling and video calling on desktop, chat transfers from iOS to Android, disappearing photos and videos, Stickers maker tool and many more. The messaging app is expected to maintain the streak by rolling out some of the new and exciting features this year. Let us take a look at the upcoming WhatsApp features in 2022.

  • WhatsApp Set  To roll out First Feature of 2022
  • WhatsApp Will Show Profile photos In Notifications
  • The Feature Will be Available For IOS beta Users For Now

WhatsApp New Features Launched in 2022:

  • New Time Limit for ‘Deleting Sent messages’

 At Present, there is a time limit of 68 minutes and 16 seconds to delete a sent message but with the launch of the new feature, users will be able to delete sent messages from any time in the past.

  • Support for More ‘Linked Devices’ 

Support for more devices may not be a priority addition for WhatsApp, but being able to add more devices will certainly benefit a lot of people who use multiple desktops/laptops and browsers for WhatsApp Web.

  • Hide Your ‘Last Seen’ from specific contacts

It is a handy Feature for people who want to hide their availability from their WhatsApp contacts. still now, WhatsApp allowed its users to hide last seen from their contacts but not from specific ones. With the roll out of the new feature, the messaging app will let you hide the last seen from select contacts, and the last seen of the other contacts will be visible to you.


  • Watch ‘Instagram’ Reels On What’s App

In the coming months, WhatsApp users will be able to watch Instagram reels directly from the messaging platform. This Integration is Done keeping in view the popularity of the Instagram Reels.



  • What’s App ‘Community’

‘Community’ on WhatsApp is Another Preferred feature  for every one which will be launched soon. WhatsApp groups will become even bigger by allowing users to club up to 10 chat groups under one community, just like Discord. Its only limitation is that it will be accessible only to admins through which messages can be sent to all the groups in the community.


  • Achieve will be ‘Read Later’

WhatsApp has an Archive feature that lets you hide an individual or group chat from your chats list to better organize your conversations. The feature will be replaced with ‘Read Later Additionally, the feature will include a vacation mode, which will ensure that the ‘read later’

  • Create your own ‘Stickers’ on the Messaging App

While you can use stickers from the store on WhatsApp, the new feature will help you upload a picture of your choice and convert it into a sticker on WhatsApp. The customized tools which will be rolled out by WhatsApp can help make them funny.


  • ‘Logout’ of WhatsApp instead of deleting your Account

The most Awaited Logout feature on WhatsApp is likely to be rolled out this year, along with a multi-device feature. This will allow the users to log out of WhatsApp accounts from their devices just like other social Networking apps






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