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Stand Up Rahul Movie Download Leaked on iBomma, Movierulz

“Raj Tharun has get a makeover for his new film “Stand Up Rahul” Movie which has created a good buzz with its promos. The film directed by Santo has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is”.

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“Rahul(Raj Tharun)lives with his single mom(Indraja) after his dad(Murali Sharma) leaves them for good. That is the reason, he does not believe in the institution of marriage. Rahul comes to Hyderabad for his job and meets Shreya(Varsha Bollamma). Sparks fly and the couple enter a live-in relationship. Rahul has also dreamed to become a stand-up comedian. How Varsha makes him believe in his potential and also makes him ready for marriage is the whole story of the film all about”.

There he meets school mate Shreya Rao (Varsha Bollamma). The two fell in love. Cohabitation begins. What happened after that? Did Rahul become a standup comedian? Or not? Did he give up the standup comedy his mother didn’t like? Caught? What is the role of Shreya Rao in Rahul’s life?

Stand Up Rahul Movie Download Movierulz

Did the two of them know about the live-in relationship in both houses? Or not? Why did Rahul say no when asked to marry Shreya Rao? In the end, what happened? Is the rest of the story. Standup Rahul has been promoting the film as a standup comedy. Truth be told … the film has material beyond standup comedy. Standup comedy is just one layer! That’s the profession that the hero loves in the movie! The original story is different. How much influence do parents have on children? Is showing … created image. There is emotion in the movie. But, there is no comedy.

There will be a dialogue in the film that says ‘Average jokes don’t clap’. Director Santo said that to heroine Varsha Bollamma … Are there any jokes in the movie? Super and Extraordinary is not cross-checked. If there’s one biggest minus point to the movie … it’s the standup comedy scenes! Due to the songs not being a hit, the trailer being okay and so on, there was no atmosphere to run and watch as soon as it was released.

Cast: Raj Tharun, Varsha Bollamma, ‘Vennela’ Kishore, Indraja, Murali Sharma etc.

Cinematography: Sriraj Ravindran

Music: Svekar Agusti Submission: Sidhu Mudda

Producers: Nanda Kumar Abbulini, Bharat Maguluri

Directed by: Santo Mohan Veeranki

Release Date: March 18, 2022

However, it has been proven many times that if the Morning Show talk is good for any movie, the target audience will definitely breathe a sigh of relief at the box office. And let’s see if this movie has that situation. The storyline chosen by Santo is good. Standup comedy is new to Telugu. But, the story is not new. It’s as already seen. There are also some flaws in the way the story is screened. Therefore, it is difficult to connect. Sometimes even emotional scenes don’t seem so effective.

positive Points:

Raj Tharun gets a good makeover and he looks handsome in his role. Raj Tharun is known to carry off mass roles and has a village slang in his previous films. But here, he does the role of urban youth in a very good manner. Be it his costumes, the way he delivers his life, Raj Tharun is quite good.

Varsha Bollamma is a good performer and once again gets a meaty role in this film. Her innocence and screen presence suits the role well. Indraja gets a neat role and she is impressive. Murali Sharma is also good in his character. The second half has some decent moments in the end where family drama is interlined with the love story.

Negative Points:

One of the major minus points of the film is the lack of strong emotions. The film has so many layers of relationships showcased and none of them have weight in the emotions. Everything is shown in a light manner. The director Santo had so much scope to elevate the emotions but he fails to do so.

Also, why Rahul does not believe in marriage, the heroine deciding for a live-in relationship is not established well at all. The romance factor in such rom-com is quite key but that is missing here in the film as things look rushed.

Raj Tharun is shown as a confused youth who stands up for what he believes in. This part is shown through the eyes of the heroine and does not create any depth in the film. Stand Up Rahul is filled with routine romantic moments and scenes.

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