Play Ludo online with lakhs of players and win 10 Lakhs Real money

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Play Ludo online with lakhs of players and win 10 Lakhs real money

Play Ludo Win upto Rs 10 Lakh

Ludo app
Ludo app

About Ludo Game 

“Ludo… Game… Offer…!”, one of the most well known multi-player methodology prepackaged games, is by and large played between 2 or 4 players. The goal of every player is to race their four tokens to their home in light of throws of a solitary dice. Ludo tracks down its beginnings in the Indian game Pachisi.

How does a real money game work….!

On Zupee, players add cash to their wallets and pick the competition they might want to play. When the Tournament has an adequate number of individuals, the game starts. There are different Formats to browse in light of an individual’s advantage and chance hunger. Each game has an award pot which gets circulated toward the finish of the game in view of the arrangement one decides to play.]

How to play Ludo on Ludo Supreme?

  • Pick your favored Ludo game configuration from 1vs1, 1 victor, 2 champs, and 3 champs game choices.
    Pick the kind of competition: The one with a passage charge or the free one. You
  • have a potential for success to win more money in the passage expense competition.
    Begin playing by tossing the dice.
  • You needn’t bother with a 6 to begin playing. All tokens are in vacant position.
  • Each crate moved acquires you a point. For every symbolic that you bring back home, you acquire extra 56 focuses.
  • The player or players (in the event of 2 or 3 champs) with the most focuses toward the finish of as far as possible wins the award pot.
  • A 2-player game goes on for 8 minutes and a 4-player game goes on for 10 minutes.

Ludo App –  Rules and Regulations

  • Don’t bother moving a 6 to begin playing.
  • In the event that you roll a 6, you get another turn.
  • In the event that you roll a 6 three times continuously, you should miss a turn.
  • In the event that you land on a protected box, the adversary’s token can’t cut you.
  • Assuming a rival’s symbolic grounds on your token, your symbolic will be sent back to the beginning.
  • point and all focuses made on that symbolic will be lost as well.

Ludo Game Fouls

  • If you skip your turn more than twice you lose the game.
  • If you don’t play your turn within 10 seconds, you skip your turn.
  • If you roll a 6 thrice, you have to skip a turn.
  • If an opponent’s token lands on the same box as yours, you’ll lose all the points gathered by that token.

 About Ludo  app – Interesting Reality  Facts 

  • Ludo originated in India and was known as Pachisi.
  • One variation of Pachisi was patented by Alfred Collier in 1896 in England under the name Ludo.
  • Ludo is a latin word that means ‘I play.
  • All numbers on the opposite side of a dice add up to 7. Go check it.
  • The track of every color consists of 52 squares around the home area. 48 of these squares are white and only four are of different color.
  • Akbar was a big fan of the game. So much that he had separate courts built for the purpose of just playing the game.

How can I withdraw my money?

Withdrawing money from Zupee wallet is instant and safe. You can withdraw money from your wallet using UPI or Net banking

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