Make Paytm Payment without Internet connection From iphones and Android With a Tap

Paytm Payment without Internet connection
Paytm Payment without Internet connection

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Good News To Paytm User’s…..! Paytm Has Introduced The Latest Payment Methods To Its Users, ‘Making Transactions Much Easier To Without Internet Connection’


  • Good news for Paytm users…! Paytm has introduced the latest payment methods to its users, making transactions much easier.
  • Paytm has Introduced these Feature making Transactions in Moments of Without Internet Data on Mobile.
  • Leading Fintech Company Paytm has Launched ‘Tap to Pay’ Services, According To a Statement.
  • this will Make it easier for users to Make Money Transactions easily, with this Feature Users will be able To Make instant payments by tapping their phone on the POS[Point of sale]machine with their Paytm registered card.
  • cash transactions can be completed without the user’s phone lock, or mobile data or internet connection. This feature will be available for Android and iOS users.

Details will not be Revealed..! 

  • Will convert the 16-digit primary Account Number on the selected Debit card into a secure transaction code or ‘digital identifier’. Under no circumstances should user’s card details be disclosed to third party persons in this ‘digital identifier’.
  • When a user visits a retail outlet … they can make a payment by tapping on the POS [point of sale] machine to avoid disclosing card details.
  • In addition to facilitating faster payment transactions in retail stores, this feature will also apply to Paytm POS‌ devices as well as other banks’ POS‌ machines. NFC (Near Field Communication) transactions can also be done with the latest feature.

 Here How to use the tap to pay option in the Paytm App

1st step: you Will have  to first choose any of the saved cards from the list, or simply                        click on the “Add new card” on tap to pay home screen.

2nd step: next, provide the card details and accept the  issuers terms and  service for tap                 to pay.

3rd step: An OTP send through  the registered mobile number or Email id, verify the OTP.

4th step: The card will be Activated at the top of the Tap to pay. you can find it on the                       home screen


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