Download Latest Version OF OGInsta APK V10.14.0 [2020]

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OGInsta Apk Version 10.14.0

Hello Flashsaletricks, I hope you are enjoying our articles Airtel BHIM UPI, Airtel 10GB data, Top 15 Root Apps. Today We are back with an entertainment application OGInsta Apk. Official Website of GB & Plus OGInsta is the new unofficial version of Original Instagram APK which lets you upload images, videos and let you do more with the same things you do with an official Instagram app. As all we know, Instagram doesn’t need much introduction, it’s the most popular social media site for uploading photos, videos and let you keep up with your friends easily. Many popular models, athletes and business pages reach their audiences with the help of Instagram.

About OGInsta APK?

All are using Instagram on a daily basis, all we love the app functionalities and it’s the most popular apps amongst all the photo and video sharing platforms. The app will be updated automatically but still, it’s lack of some features but in OGInsta you will be having all the features. But for some reason, official Instagram developers couldn’t be able to add these features. So to enhance In-app experience, several third-party developers have developed modded apps on top of the official app which will help users to use the app with its full potential. So today, we will talk about the latest version of OGInsta APK and its features.

So let’s get started.

App Name OGIsta
Version 10.14.0
Size 25 MB


Download Apk:

Features Of OGInsta APK:

  • Download Photos, videos to your Android device.

To download an image from the OGInsta APK, simply click on the three dots and tap on the download button. The respected image or video will be downloaded to your file manager under the OGMods/OGInsta folder. The same thing you have to do is for videos, click on the three dots on the post, then tap on the download and the video will be downloaded to your android device in the best available quality.

  • Download stories directly to your device.

To download images/ videos posted by your friends on their story feed, simply click on three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen. Upon clicking three dots, tap on the download button and the story will be downloaded to the folder named OGMods/OGInsta. I am sure you will have fun using this amazing feature.

  • Use 2 Instagram account simultaneously in same the app.

To switch from one account to another, you will need to add an account first. Tap on the Profile tab then scroll down till the end and tap on Add Account button, fill up the ID and password. Once you have added the account, you can easily switch the account by tapping on your account tab as shown in the second image above. This feature is only available on the latest version of OGInsta APK.

  • Zoom-in profile pictures and photos.

You can zoom in shared photos that appear on your feed as well. Just pause the video in middle and long-press the video, a small window will advance and you can zoom in further. The same goes for the images, just hold the image for 2 seconds and the image will advance to you where you can again zoom in further if you want. These are small things that matter most. OGInsta will always serve you with the latest version with more integrated features.

  • Auto start videos with sound ON.

Whenever we play any video in the OGInsta, the video will be muted. Every time we want to increase volume. Even though we played the previous video with sound next video will be muted again but in the latest version of OGInsta as the app is optimized. OGInsta developers modify apps keeping users in mind what problems they face daily while using the App.

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