How to Deactivate corona virus Caller Tune for Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio, etc

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Simple Trick to  Deactive coronavirus Caller Tune

Coronavirus live updates India’s death

Hello Flashsaletricks, We are back with a simple trick to stop Deactivate corona virus Caller Tune. All of us know that the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 as a global pandemic infection, The India government has made significant efforts to contains the spreads of the disease in the country. Deactivate coronavirus Caller Tune

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Several awareness programs have been launched to get to know the precautions and awareness of the coronavirus. One of the awareness programs is through this Pre-call announcement as a 30-sec caller tune delivered. In our point, it’s a great idea
to explore the awareness but listening, again and again, means we will get bored and moreover won’t care that. We are trying to skip that caller tune but don’t neglect that try to follow all the health tricks given by World organization.

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If you wanna precautions regarding through Corona Virus please visit PRECAUTIONS OF CORONA VIRUS.

Are you bored by listening coronavirus caller tune? So, we are providing a small trick to stop. Follow some simple steps.

Let’s start:

Step 1: Firstly open your phone Keypad.

Step 2: Dail the number *646*224#

Step 3: It will be redirected to deactivate the Pre-RBT prompt.

Step 4: To confirm press “1” or press 2 to exit.

As per our instructions, you can neglect caller tune or you can irritate but don’t be neglect those words. try to follow all the precautions.

Note: If you need any precautions and any doubts regarding these coronaviruses you can go to the nearest Health Department or you can call helpline number 011-23978046. Please don’t be shy.Deactivate corona virus Caller Tune

If the message still continues after pressing the # button on iOS, or a number on Android, you will have to press it once again as the telecom service provider might not have noted the first click at all.

By using this trick you can stop the message from playing. However, it will completely not stop and play the next time you are making a call. To make it completely stop you can think of making calls over WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or more. All of which do not play the message at the beginning of a call.Deactivate corona virus Caller Tune

Disclaimer :

This post all about the small trick to stop coronavirus caller tune. Thanks for reading our posts and Soon we will back with plenty of Offers.

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