Dating Song Lyrics||Vasundhara Das,Blaaze||Boys

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Dating Song Lyrics from ‘Boys is starring Siddharth,Genelia in lead roles. Shankar is the director for the classic ‘Boys. The lyricist has AM Ratnam & Siva Ganesh penned down the lyrics for Dating Song. While the noteworthy music director AR Rahman composed the background score for this track. The vocals for Dating Song is given by Vasundhara Das,Blaaze and  the song is featuring Siddharth,Genelia.Dating Song was released on 29th August 2003 and is one of the best songs in the film.

Dating Song Details:

Album Name Boys
Song Name Dating Song
Starring Siddharth,Genelia
Director Shankar
 Music Composer AR Rahman
Lyrics AM Ratnam & Siva Ganesh
Singer(s) Vasundhara Das,Blaaze
Released on 29th August 2003
language Telugu

Dating(Evarinadigi na gundello) Song Lyrics Telugu In English

Evarinadigi na gundello edam pakka nuvvu dooravu
Nee oopirilo nee perulalo kudi
pakka naa peru cherchedava
You and me were meant to be
Yeah..i can clearly see
Dating is a fantasy

Boys navasadha pettodu
heart ki helmet todagaddhu
Friend ani fullstop pettoddu
premiste seelam chedipodhu
Girls ni chewing gum veyyoddu
heart lo gudise veyyoddhu
Puraatana vastuvulu tovvoddu
chelimiki redrose choopoddhu
Do that thing you like to do
Do it let me win your heart
Let me never stop and let me start
All i wanna do is win your heart
Ayyo love is full of pain
Poraa love is just a strain
Ayyo love is full of pain
Poraa love is just a strain
I don’t wanna love I don’t wanna love
Love is not a game Love is not a game
Friendship ante rac
Love confirm cheyyave preyasi
Friendship ante full safety
Love lo ledoy guarantee

Girl you know you got me thinking all about you
And i really wanna know if you love me too
Will you let me know coz my heart is true
Babe when i see your face i wanna be with you
Tama tama nelavulu tappinacho tama mitrulai satruvulavunanta
Kachata tapata gasada davulu maripinchutaye lavvanta
I really do care and i will be there
And you can take me everywhere
Stay with me and i’ll let you see
In my heart you will be
Lavvulo padite levaru evaru
Prema pacchi abaddaala byaanku
Prema kaama bhikshanu koru
Boru hehe vaddammaa

Do you wanna go? Will you be mine
Do you wanna go? Will you be mine
Say what say what Will you be my friend?
Yeah…just beat it man
Love is not a fashion love is not a trend
Love is for losers beat it friend
Love is not for me and love is not for you
Love is but a dream so be my friend

Chinna chinna tappulu chinna chinna oppulu
Cheyyamani cheppenu kurratanam
Dash dash emi inta varakerugamu
Khaalilanni pooriddam
Love is such a big mistake
Listen to me boy i know
Only friendship takes you higher everyday
As friends we grow
E tappulu memu chey bomu
Gippulu maatram chestuntaamu
Maa varsulu mottan khaali
Andulo muddulu veyyandi

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