Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans (8Mbps to 100Mbps) Latest Updates 2022.

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Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans (8Mbps to 100Mbps) Latest Updates 2022


BSNL Broadband Special Offers and Plans…!

The new Enabled Broadband cheapest Deals Allow Unlimited High-Speed Internet for Rural and Urban Areas of All India, look at Special Rated plans. BSNL offers its new users with 3 free SIM cards with unlimited 4G voice and data Offers. BSNL superstar 500 plan pack gives Free Hotstar Premium and Netflix Subscription Plan services to be added soon.

Hotstar Premium and Amazon prime account are available for both DSL and FTTH post-paid plans free for a one-year. BSNL broadband plans also available in rural and urban areas speeds up to 100Mbps in Bharat Fiber Net.

Since 2017, BSNL redefines unlimited high internet speed as 8Mbps on raise in DSL and 100Mbps in the FTTH. BSNL broadband plans starting from “1.5GB BSNL ” also gives you 8Mbps high-speed internet services with daily FUP limit.


BSNL Broadband Plans Unlimited for Home and Business

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) – it’s a state-owned telecommunication company that provides telecom services across many states in India. It is India’s oldest communication & data provider back to the British era.

BSNL provides the users with 5GB data per day at 10Mbps to its landline users as a free trial offer. And after exceeding the daily usage limit the speed drops to 1 Mbps.

Bsnl Additional offers

Under these offers, the company provides users with a separate email ID space with 1GB storage. This offer come across all over India, except Andaman and Nicobar circle Also.

You can get India’s high-speed internet broadband for business and home Networks, with new unlimited BSNL broadband plans launched with searching 20Mbps speed at just ₹291 Only, as a special offer of BSNL Users.

A part from the above broadband plans, different circles have different specific unlimited plans of BSNL over DSL and Bharat Fiber (FTTH). We are categorized in each of them and provided the updated information of all the circles.

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BSNL Latest Broadband Plans And Combo Deals

FTTH Plans          Bandwidth        FUP limit     FUP speed after limit    Monthly Pack

Superstar 300          50Mbps         300GB/month                 2Mbps                       ₹749    with Free Hotstar

500GB CUL              50Mbps          500GB/month                  –                             ₹777

600GB CUL              50Mbps          600GB/month                2Mbps                        ₹849

Super Star 500         50Mbps          500 GB/month              24Mbps                         94   with Hotstar Premium

750GB Plan               100Mbps         750GB/month               2Mbps                        ₹1277

33GB CUL                100Mbps          750 GB/month             24Mbps                        ₹949

40GB CUL                100Mbps           40GB/day                   4Mbps                        ₹2499

55GB CUL                100Mbps           55GB/day                   4Mbps                        ₹4499

80GB Plan                100Mbos         80GB/day                   6Mbps                        ₹5999

120GB Plan              100Mbps         120GB/day                 8Mbps                        ₹9999

170GB Plan              100Mbps         170GB/day                 10Mbps                     ₹16999


only The company providing the postpaid broadband services even to the rural villages at the same QoS (Quality of Service) is BSNL, which is proved by many of the customers after the BSNL speed test of broadband service for their subscribed plans with many speed test applications at various locations.

There is one best thing in BSNL broadband services plans beyond any other private players is that whatever you have available the speed 100% that will be delivered with you slicing the speed as per the FUP limit of the subscription plan and even crossing the fair usage limit also, ISP allows broadband top up to restore the high speed internet connection.

Apart from the plans and speeds, PSU also provides latest BSNL Modem having new configuration, each modem with free installation and cashback offers for DSL and Fiber to home services.

BSNL Fiber Net Plans 2022 for 300Mbps FTTH Broadband

Exclusive BSNL Fiber plans of FTTH broadband network updated as on 03/02/2022, Check new speed of each plan, choose best fiber broadband plan for your home or business internet connections.

BSNL Broadband Plans on Fiber Net

 BSNL Fiber Plan                           Download Speed                          Rs Per Month

Fibre Basic                                30Mbps till 3300 GB, then 2Mbps                      449

Fibre Basic Plus                           60Mbps till 3300 GB, then 2Mbps                     599

Fibre TB Plan                              100Mbps till 1000 GB, then 5Mbps                  777

Super Star Premium 1                    100Mbps till 1000 GB, then                           749                                                               5Mbps (Free Bundled OTT)*

Superstar 1                                      100Mbps till 1000 GB                                  779                                                              , then 5Mbps (Free Hotstar)

Fiber Value                                    100Mbps till 3300 GB, then 2Mbps                  799

Fibre Value Plus                              100Mbps till 1500 GB, then 10Mbps                849

Superstar Premium Plus              150Mbps up to 2000 GB, then 10Mbps                999

Fibre Premium Plus                        200Mbps till 3300 GB, then 15Mbps                 1277

Fiber Ultra                                      300Mbps till 4000 GB, then 4Mbps                 1499

Fibre Silver                                    300Mbps till 4500 GB, then 25Mbps                1999

Fibre Silver Plus                             300Mbps till 5000 GB, then 30Mbps                 2499

Fibre Ruby                                     300 Mbps till 6500 GB, then 40Mbps               4499

Fibre Golden                                 $ 300 Mbps till 8000 GB, then 50Mbps              5999

Fibre Diamond                               $ 300 Mbps till 12000 GB, then 60 Mbps           9999

Fibre Platinum                                $ 300 Mbps till 21000 GB, then 70 Mbps          16999

BSNL Fiber to home provides fault free internet services and makes your home or business as high-speed Wi-Fi zone with fiber optic internet connection up to 100Mbps speed for download or upload, and there is no fiber broadband availability checker online, So just apply online, then executives will contact you to provide BSNL FTTH through TIPs or directly.

These ultra-speed Fiber Plans have a maximum fair usage policy limit each plan, and many of the BSNL fiber net plans allow ONE free Static IP address. All the BSNL FTTH plans provides “Phone plus services” as free phone service with 24 hours 365 days unlimited free calling to any network in India.

How to Check BSNL Usage of your Broadband Data in Mobile.

You will now allow to check BSNL usage data in the application of your mobile phone, Every day potential for Internet of Things(IOT) is growing as many wireless devices connected to each other through hotspots or another way, and it results in the downgrade of BSNL broadband maximum speed.

To keep control of BSNL usage for your internet plan, as of now we all are using Self Care Portal, Now onwards you have a chance to check data usage in iPhone or in android phone, There is no need to login or register for the BSNL portal, check data usage of your broadband connection on your mobile screen itself.

Also, some are searching for how to know my BSNL landline internet plan and where to get BSNL broadband balance instantly. To facilitate the cause, now BSNL broadband usage data is now available in mobile screens.

BSNL Usage App

The most popular application of BSNL is My BSNL App, No special introduction required for this, all of you may have this on your Android, Windows, or iPhone which you have, and this BSNL application has been updated to accommodate the user to offer the best services.

When used this My BSNL App to check BSNL usage, you must have the broadband user ID of your internet plan connection, Remember or note down BSNL broadband username to enter in the required field to get your BSNL broadband usage data up to you last session logout.

If you’re studying the process for how to check BSNL broadband usage data in App, here we acknowledge all the steps. Just follow and inspect your home or office BSNL usage data even on the Go, The only drawback in this My BSNL App is, it does not show each login/session usage. The application will display only consolidated or summary of the present month data usage. The review consists of total downloads and uploads of that broadband service.

How to check BSNL Usage Data Balance in My BSNL App…!

If you are Already aware of this process, just ignore, If you don’t know about this, just have a look at how it is, provided with screenshots to get the broadband usage on your mobile.

  • Unlock your mobile screen.
  • Search for My BSNL App which you already have on your mobile phone or in Tab.
  • If not have, install on login to Google Play store / Windows store or iTunes store for iPhone.
  • Open the application and find the Usage option to check data usage in iPhone or in Android phone.
  • It is available in the center of the home screen of My BSNL App.
  • Click on Usage.

  • Select The Broad Band To Know The Usage.
  • Your list of BSNL landline number accounts will display if already added.
  • If you don’t have an account, just add your number by a click on + available at top right (Give your STD code and phone number and click on submit to add your broadband number).
  • Click on To the account which you required to know BSNL usage data.
  • A new pop up will appear on the same screen to enter BSNL broadband User-ID.
  • Enter your login user-id fully and click on Submit.
  • Within seconds, you will get the total usage data in separate columns defining as unbilled usage details.
  • Voice and internet plan details with monthly rental charges which you have subscribed for BSNL broadband connection.

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