{just ₹149} boys stylish design casual slippers for New fashion | FMF Thong sandals, chappals for men

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(just ₹149 only)New fashion latest design casual slippers for boys stylish

| FMF Thong sandals, chappals for men | Perfect flip flops for daily wear walking Slippers Slides 

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₹149 ₹999 (85% off)

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1.  What is the Contest?
Eligible Flipkart Pay Later customers who are allowed for transactions can participate in the Contest by doing transactions on the Flipkart Platform through ‘Flipkart Pay Later’ checkout option. The customers who transact during the contest period will be eligible to participate in the Contest. The Customer who will do maximum number of transactions on Flipkart Platform through Flipkart Pay Later will stand a chance to win following basis applicability.


Criteria for Winners | Daily Prize

– Top 2 customers with highest number of transactions on Flipkart Pay Later during Contest period for each day will win Apple iPad (9th gen) 256 GB ROM 10.2 inch with Wi-Fi only (or EGV worth 45,000 in case of unavailability of the above mentioned item

– Position 3rd to 12th of customers with highest number of transactions on Flipkart Pay Later during Contest period for each day  will win Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher(s) equivalent to Rs 5000.

Offer Valid Through

  • Contest period will be between 12th March 2022 01:00 hrs. to 31st March 2022 23:59 hrs.
  • Customers are allowed to pre-pay and re-utilize the available limit during Contest period to maximize chances of winning.
  • The winner(s) will be selected daily during the Contest Period and announced by Flipkart Advance Private Limited (FAPL) in June, 2022.
  • The prize(s) will be distributed by FAPL upon identity verification of winning individual registered on Flipkart Platform.
  • FAPL will qualify or reject winners at its sole discretion.
  • Post announcement of winners and notification to winning individuals, FAPL shall allow a redemption period of 21 days for customers to redeem applicable prizes.
  • Customers who qualify for 3rd to 12th position will be provided with Rs. 5000 Electronic Gift Voucher(s) which can be utilized to redeem on Flipkart Platform.
  • For example, customers coming as 1010 Position for 12th March 2022 according to the highest number of transactions done on Flipkart Pay Later for that day will be given Electronic Gift Vouchers equivalent to Rs 5000.
  • Electronic Gift Vouchers(s) will be sent to customers as per registered email id or phone number on the Flipkart platform upon identity verification.
  • For customers who do not have email id registered on Flipkart Platform will need to do so before Electronic Gift Voucher can be sent.
  • Any associated delivery charges, payment charges and/or other charges to redeem the prize shall be borne by the Customer.
  • FAPL will not be held responsible for any loss of prize/value/malfunction during transportation and upon delivery by respective sellers or logistics company.
  • FAPL will not be held responsible for error in communication/delivery address for the winners.
  • In case winning customer fails to redeem the prize during redemption period or refuses to accept the prize, FAPL may cancel the prize for respective position or transfer the prize to next winning contestant in suitable order at sole discretion of FAPL.
  • It should be sole discretion of FAPL to employ an objective criteria and process of selection of winner to ascertain count of orders done by individuals through Flipkart Pay Later during Contest Period.

 What is the eligibility for participating in the Top Transactor contest?

Flipkart Pay Later – Top Transactor Contest is only available to select customers and only those Flipkart Pay Later (KYC required) customers who are allowed to transact on Flipkart Pay Later between 12th March 2022 01:00 hrs. to 31st March 2022 23:59 hrs. can participate in the contest subject to the applicable  terms and conditions of Flipkart Pay Later.  The contest is valid on a range of products on the Flipkart Platform sold by sellers (‘Eligible Products’) upon paying by ‘Flipkart Pay Later’ checkout option.

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