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Today we are back with Amazon Quiz Answers July 7, 2020, is on Live Now. You have correct Answers here to submit in Amazon Quiz. As we are at home for a long time we getting bored without shopping and not having pocket money. Here is the best,  providing Amazon to get offerable prizes and get general knowledge too. Today Amazon Quiz Answers. Amazon’s Quiz 7 July

As we are observing Amazon giving the best services by giving daily tasks in Amazon India Portal. We have to given the current answers and you have a chance of winning the products for FREE. Today Amazon Quiz Answers.

Today they were offering win Samsonite polycarbonate suitcase

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*Amazon Quiz 7 july by Flashsaletricks*                           

*7 july 2020 Amazon Quiz by flashsaletricks *


Let’s see the process:

When and Where Amazon Quiz Happens?

No.1: Amazon Quiz happens between 8 AM to 12 PM.

no.2: GO to the Amazon main page and Scroll down.

How to download Amazon: ??

Step 1: Install the application through a given link or play store amazon app.

Step 2: open and register with your details.

Step 3: you can search for offers by scrollingdown.

How to play Amazon’s Quiz:??

step 1: Go to the home page and fully scroll down and then you see ” Amazon Quiz 22 June ” click on it.

Step 2: Start the Quiz. Refer answers that we provided below in this page.

Today’s Amazon Quiz Details: ?

Amazon Today’s Prize – win Samsonite polycarbonate suitcase

Amazon quiz Date – 7 July 2020

Winners List Will Declared On – 7 july 2020

Question and answers : | Samsonite polycarbonate suitcase |

Q 1 : the birth anniversary of which Indian statistics is celebrated as national statistics day on June 29th?

Ans : PC Mahalanobis

Q 2. Jim Carrey started as a dr Robotnik, the primary antagonist in which 2020 movie?

Ans : Sonic The Hedgehog

Q 3 : which country has extended the freeze an issuance of green cards for new immigrants till the day end of current calendar year?

Ans : USA

Q 4: please which country experience with an earthquake of magnitude was 7 with the time hitting the southern state of Oaxaca?

Ans : Mexico

Q 5: the tri-services contingent of the Indian armed force to pot in the cold war 2 week read a parrot in which country or on June 24th?

Ans : Russia


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