Amazon Spin & Win – Get Win Assured Cashback Prizes.

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Amazon Spin & Win – Get Win Assured Cashback Prizes (2022)

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Amazon Daily Spin and Win Quiz is joining the Daily Quiz as a new daily occurrence on the Fun zone section of the app. The quiz is now available on Fun zone and in order to find the Daily Spin and Win quiz, open your Amazon app and look for Fun zone on the app. Click on the first result and scroll down to find the Daily Spin and Win Quiz. Click on the banner or the spin now button to start this quiz.

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How To Play Amazon Quiz Contest?

1. Click Here To Download The Amazon App.

2. Open App.

3. Scroll Down And Click On Quiz Banner.

4. Click On Play Now.

5. Give Above Answers And Play Quiz.

6. And Chance To Win Exciting Prizes.

How To Play This Amazon Ring Of Reward Spin & Win

1. First Of All Just Login Into Your Amazon Account.

2. Now Search For The Word “Fun zone“.

3. On Next Page , Select The Fun Zone Quiz Banner.

4. Scroll Down Below & You Will See “Amazon Pay Roulette” Spin & Win.

5. Click On The Wheel & Let it Spin.

On the Next Page There Will Be This type of Questions will be given.

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers- Win ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers for may 10 th 2022. Submit Amazon Quiz Answers & Win ₹15,000 Amazon Pay Balance for Lucky Participants in Amazon Daily Quiz Today. Amazon Daily Quiz Time is 12 AM to 11:59 PM every day. Winners of today’s Quiz will be declared later on the next day at Amazon Quiz Winners Section. Submit Correct answers in Amazon App to Win Amazon Quiz. We Update the Daily Amazon Quiz at 12 AM every day. Get all the Latest Amazon Quiz Answers updated. The hashtag for “Amazon Quiz” is #Quiz Time Mornings With Amazon and #AmazonQuiz.

Amazon Today Quiz Answers may 10 th  2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Who is the host of ‘Lock Upp’ – a reality show?

Answer- Kangna Renault

Question2- Which Indian state released a bird atlas which is dubbed as ’Asia’s largest bird atlas’?

Answer- Kerala

Question3- India defeated which country to win the bronze medal at the 2022 Women’s Hockey Asia Cup tournament?

Answer- China

Question4- Which tennis player from this country recently won the Miami Open tennis tournament?

Answer- Carlos Alcazar

Question5- Which is the national flower of this country?

Answer- Rose

Amazon previous Quiz Answers may 7 th  2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1: Since June 2021, who has been the coach of AS Roma, the Series A club?

Answer: Jose Mourinho

Question2: which of these probes will swoop to within 4 million miles of the Sun’s surface, facing heat and radiation like no spacecraft before it?

Answer: Parker Solar Probe

Question3: Which of these is the title of the debut book by the former finance secretary of India, Subhash Chandra Garg?

Answer: The $Ten Trillion Dream

Question4: Which letter from the given image appears in approximately 11% of all english words?

Answer: E

Question5: How many timezones does this country have within its defined region?

Answer: 11

Amazon Today Quiz Answers may 6th  2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1: In 2022, Saudi Arabia restored ties with which country after settling a 30-year row over a scandal involving stolen jewels?

Answer: Thailand

Question2: Which author released the book “A Little Book of India: Celebrating 75 Years of Independence”?

Answer: Ruskin bond

Question3: Which of these has initiated monitoring of temporal and spatial distribution of marine litter along the Indian coasts and adjacent seas?

Answer: Ministry of Earth sciences

Question4: Which of these companies was not started in a garage?

Answer: Nokia

Question5: This edible item was invented by a Fill in the blanks

Answer: Dentist

Amazon Previous Quiz Answers may 5th   2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Will Smith was in the news for slapping whom during the 2022 Oscars?

Answer- Chris Rock

Question2- Which of these countries is expected by 2023 to become the 4th country to take humans to space, after the US, Russia and China?

Answer- India

Queston3- The Jadar project, which got revoked due to protests, was one of the biggest foreign investments in which country?

Answer- Serbia

Question4- The Chakra featured in this flag, has how many spokes?

Answer- 24

Question5- What was the originally proposed name for this company’s famous operating system Windows?

Answer- Interface manager

Amazon Today Quiz Answers may 4th   2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Which of these badminton players recently won the Swiss Open women’s singles title?

Answer- PV Sindhu

Question2- By virtue of the Best Picture triumph of ‘CODA’ which became the first streaming service to win a Best Picture Oscar?

Answer- Apple

Question3- Airtel recently completed acquisition of 4.7% stake in Indus Towers from which group?

Answer- Vodafone

Question4- This is the flag of which country?

Answer- Croatia

Question5- This famous playwright was known as ‘The Bard of Fill in the blanks

Answer- Avon

Amazon Previous Quiz Answers may 2nd  2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Who among these Indian badminton players recently reached the Men’s Singles Final of the Swiss Open?

Answer- HS Prannoy

Question2- Which famous actor known for playing an iconic role from DC Comics, features in the Marvel movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?

Answer- Christian bale

Question3- Battery maker Cygni Energy Private Limited is looking to invest $40 million to set up a manufacturing plant near which city?

Answer- Hyderabad

Question4- The flag of which country can be seen in this visual?

Answer- Tunisia

Question5- Which of these was the first book to be published featuring this iconic character in the central role

Answer- Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

Amazon previous Quiz Answers may 1st 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Who among these took a 5 wicket haul in the final Test between England and West Indies played at Grenada in 2022?

Answer- Kyle Mayers

Question2- Which recently became the first Bollywood film of 2022 to cross INR 200 crore at the box office?

Answer- The Kashmir files

Question3- IndiGo announced it would launch flights connecting key domestic metro cities and regional centres from March 27. Fill in the blanks

Answer- 100

Question4- Which famous musician is depicted in this visual?

Answer- Bob Dylan

Question5- Which famous ethnic group has been depicted in this visual?

Answer- Maasai

Amazon previous  Quiz Answers 30th April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Joshua Da Silva recently hit his first Test hundred against England, batting at which position?

Answer- No.8

Question2- In the movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1, who plays the role of ’Srivalli’?

Answer- Rashmika Mandana

Question3- Who recently resigned as the director of Reliance Power and Reliance Infrastructure?

Answer- Anil Ambani

Question4- Name this animal. (In a famous scene from Friends, Ross came dressed as this animal as well)

Answer- Armadillo

Question5- What musical instrument has been depicted in this visual?

Answer- Saxophone

Amazon Today Quiz Answers 29th April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question 1- Who was the Man of the Match in the first match of the 2022 IPL?

Answer- Umesh Yadav

Question2- SS Rajamouli ‘RRR’ broke which film’s record for the highest worldwide collection on opening day by an Indian movie in history?

Answer – Bahubali 2 the conclusion

Question3- Ritu Khanduri recently became the first woman speaker of which state’s assembly

Answer- Uttarakhand

Question4- This is a view of the Denali National Park and Preserve, part of which US state?

Answer- Alaska

Question5- This is a shrine known as the ‘Dome of the Rock’ located in which city?

Answer- Jerusalem

Amazon previous Quiz Answers 28th April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Who scored twice as Barcelona beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the last ‘clasico’ of the current La Liga season?

Answer- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Question2- Iman Vellani will play the central character of Kamala Khan in which upcoming Marvel series?

Answer- ms marvel

Question3- Emirates is set to resume pre-pandemic service frequency to India from which date

Answer- April 1

Question4- Name this animal

Answer- Iguana

Question5- This is a structure known as ‘The Torch’ located in which city

Answer- Doha

Amazon previous Quiz Answers 27th April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM

Question1- Italy failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022 after suffering a shock defeat in a playoff encounter against which country?

Answer- North Macedonia

Question2- The Marvel series ‘Moon Knight’ would feature which actor in the central role of Marc Spector

Answer- Oscar Isaac

Question3- The new Indian budget airline Akasa Air plans to launch its first commercial flight in which month

Answer- June

Question4- Name this animal, the national animal of a neighboring country

Answer- Markhor

Question5- Name this famous bridge

Answer- Howrah bridge

Amazon previous Quiz Answers [26 April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM]

Question1- Which is the largest employer in India?

Answer- The indian railways

Question2- Who was the Man of the Series in the recently concluded Test series between Pakistan and Australia?

Answer- Usman khawaja

Question3- Which of these is the next edition of the Spiderverse saga scheduled for release in 2022, featuring the character Miles Morales?

Answer- Spiderman across the spider verse part one

Question4- Which country has the highest number of offices, for the transportation and delivery of these items, in the world?

Answer- India

Question5- This is the flag of which country?

Answer- Kuwait

Amazon Today Quiz Answers [25 April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM]

Question1- Who won the Man of the Series as Bangladesh recently beat South Africa in an ODI series played in South Africa?

Answer- Taskin Ahmed

Question2- Who among these wrote the Story for the movie ‘RRR’?

Answer- Vijayendra Prasad

Question3 Crew-4 led by Kjell Lindgren will fly to the international space station in a Dragon Capsule from SpaceX named what?

Answer- Freedom

Question4- This famous US President’s father was a senior economist in the government of which country?

Answer- Kenya

Question5- What is a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from this device called?

Answer- Nomophobia

Amazon Previous Quiz Answers [24 April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM]

Question1- Manika Batra and which player, recently became the World No. 7 mixed doubles pair in table tennis?

Answer- Sathiyan ganeshkaran

Question2- Who plays the role of an aspiring film director Myra Devekar in the movie ‘Bachchhan Pandey’?

Answer- Kriti Sanon

Question3- As per a recent announcement which country is set to launch a nuclear fusion reactor in space by 2027?

Answer- Uk

Question4- As per Asterix Comics, which character decides to climb this statue, and ends up breaking its nose

Answer- Obelix

Question5- This is the flag of which country?

Answer- Canada

Amazon Previous Quiz Answers [23 April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM]

Question1: Which of these companies has been named an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Answer: Byju’s

Question2: The Amazon Prime series ‘The Wheel of Time’ stars which of these famous actresses in the role of Moiraine Damodred?

Answer: Rosamund pike

Question3:  Which of these countries recently abolished the ‘golden passports’ scheme, offering citizenship in return for substantial investment?

Answer: Bulgaria

Question4: This view is from which European capital?

Answer: London

Question5: This dog breed is often nicknamed the  dog. Fill in the blanks with the name of a food product

Answer: Sausage

Amazon previous Quiz Answers [22 April 2022, 24 hours starts from 12AM]

Answer: Hyderabad fc

Question2: The Tom Holland starrer ‘Unchartered’ , also stars which famous actor in the role of Victor Sullivan?

Answer: Mark Wahlberg

Question3: BA.2 is the latest subvariant of which strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19?

Answer: Omicron

Question4: This company is headquartered in which German city?

Answer: Munich

Question5: This famous scientist won the Nobel Prize for  in 1921. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Physics

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