Amazon quiz today answer 2019 Quiz Time Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon quiz today answer  2019

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How To Participate In Amazon Quiz Answers 4 January

1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.
2. Open & Sign in to the Amazon App.
3. Go to Home Page & Scroll Down then you will see “Amazon Quiz Answers 4 January” Banner, tap on it.
4. Now just tap on Start Tab to play the quiz.

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Q1: Where were the first Winter Olympics held?

Ans: France

Q2: Jetsun Pema became the Queen of which Asian kingdom following her marriage on October 13, 2011?

Ans: Bhutan

Q3: Which is the least populated country in the world?

Ans:  Vatican City

Q4: The longest wrestling match in Olympic history was played in the 1912 Summer Olympics. How long did it last?

Answer:  11 hours 40 minutes

Q5: Claque is … 

Answer:  Group of people hired for applaud

Q1.: The unique Chapparam (Chariot) festival 2018 recently commenced in which of the following states?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Q2.: The study of fossils to determine organisms’ evolution and their interaction with each other is called?

Answer: Paleontology

Q3.: Khantumm bamboo dance is the folk dance of which state?

Answer: Mizoram

Q4.: What is the name of the organization that serves as the governing body of the Olympics?

Answer: IOC

Q5.: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Weeping Woman and Guernica are famous paintings by which modern artist?

Answer: Pablo Picaso

Amazon Quiz Time Answers – 24th December

1. Which of these brands derives its name from the Greek goddess of victory?

Answer – Nike

2. Who developed the theory of evolution in the famous book ‘On the Origin of Species’?

Answer – Charles Darwin

3. Which country has more natural lakes than the rest of the world combined?

Answer – Canada

4. Abraham Lincoln was also an accomplished wrestler, and was honored later by the ‘National Wrestling Hall of Fame’.

Answer – True

5. Which of these countries was the largest producer of sugar in the year 2018?

Answer – Brazil

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